365 days+ of  automated content, clients and CA$H.
For the Sparklepreneur™ who is ready to take her business from mehhhh impact and blehhh income to build her empire using the POWER OF HER CONTENT/MESSAGE. 
JOIN ME and learn exactly how to, write/speak/live/breathe content that SELLS AND learn to automate it so you're not handcuffed to your online biz!
I’ve built a multiple six figure business in less than two years without the traditional “stuff”
As a Business Success Stylist I help sparkly women step into the role of CEO in their business. When I first started my business, I grew it to over $100k in less than a year by getting really clear on my MESSAGE and using it to attract amazing clients. I built this content creation system to help me get over that struggle of not knowing what to write and feeling drained HAVING to show up on social media every day. And, because if this EXACT system, I've been able to generate over $350k CASH in my business.

 I started my business with ONE picture of myself, no website, no clue what I was doing and immediately made money. And it’s all because I started using this content system and my voice to stand out and get people to notice me online. And I’m here to help you do the same and build a business that is crushin’ it online and bringing in the big bucks.

Take a week off and hang out in Bali?
Go off social media for a week or two.. 
maybe a month.. 
Never work another weekend because you "have to" 
Work 12 hours a week and make a shit ton of money..
We are going to blow up your business in Sparklepreneur™ 365 by finding your voice, getting clear on your messaging, ideal client, and how to have a stand out brand. Then, I take all this and teach you how to turn it into forever content that runs on automate so you can be on social media as much or as little as you want- which is what I do based on when I'm inspired and not forced.
The whole mission of Sparklepreneur™ 365 is to learn how to have forever content that sells- stress free so you can come in and out of your online business as you please. 24/7, 365 days a year your business runs- but you don’t have to do it! 

Right now you're feeling like things are barely working.  You know the online world, you've taken course, paid for things, but it's just not bringing in the dollars that makes you want to go on a shopping spree at Nordstrom.

You're feeling like you HAVE to show up online (hell, you may have considered shutting down your Facebook group) because your engagement sucks unless your PRESENT every. single. day.

It's exhausting.  Then, you have your IG stories, Instagram posts,  Facebook timeline, Facebook Stories, business page, Twitter... and your head is spinning as your up until 2am... AGAIN.

Girl, I feel you.  This is how I ran my first business until I completely changed things to work SMARTER and take LOTS of shortcuts.

Insert your new biz blueprint- SPARKLEPRENEUR 365!!

You can learn how to run FB ads, host webinars, be a guest speaker on podcasts, get on sales calls...etc. But if your messaging and content strategy are broken.. NONE OF THAT MATTERS

Your MESSAGE is the most important thing that you have in your business... and I'm going to teach you how to turn it into an empire … Like a 6 figure business in less than a year and limitless opportunity without being handcuffed to your business.

You know content is king, but every time you sit down to write (aka whenever you can find like 10 minutes in your busy schedule to do it) the words just feel stuck. You hate staring at the blinking cursor that seems like a slap in the face. Whether it’s a Facebook caption, a blog post, or an email for your funnel you cringe at the thought of actually writing it out.

So you end up putting it off. 

Or worse, getting distracted and never doing it.

Because you’re busy and you’ve got a business to run, right?

But not creating content that get’s you noticed is holding you back, my sparkly friend. You’re meant for so many more glittery things if you could learn how to reach your audience in the right way. 

And you can do that by using your VOICE.

You want to have your ideal clients coming to you on the regular. You want to feel like the sparklpreneur you know you are, instead of feeling like a wantrepreneur. You’re ready for the clients, and the income, to show up in your life in a big way. And you want to know how to do it (like yesterday.) 

I know exactly where you’re at, sparkler! You want to be seen as that IT girl in your niche. The one that everyone is dying to hire and work with. And you know you can do it. You’ve got the skills, the glowing talent and amazing gifts already inside you. So why aren’t people beating down your door and throwing their credit cards at you? 

This isn't a marketing 101 course. You already know how to do that if you’ve made at least $1 in your business. This is for someone who knows how to show up online, but is ready to go BIG.

Sparklepreneur™ 365 is all about helping you go big in your business and start getting known online. It will help you figure out how to use your voice to create really juicy content that your ideal client will adore. Which leads to more sales, more growth, and a bigger presence in this online world. Without having to spend tons of time doing it.
you have glitter-filled gifts and talents within you. And you can have a hugely successful, sparkling business. But you need to have a proven content system in place that will take your business to that next level.

Imagine having all your content done for the next 365 days. Imagine not having to spend hours guessing what to post on Facebook, Instagram or what to say in your next Live chat?

That’s what Sparklepreneur™ 365 can do for you. It will walk you through my system for identifying exactly what kind of content you need to be creating and help you plan it out for the entire next year. Yup, a sparkly whole year! 

You don’t have to be stuck when it comes to generating killer content for your business. You don’t have to stare at that blinking cursor anymore! You can create content that resonates with your audience, EASILY!
  • Identify your ideal client, in a deep and meaningful way (no guessing or wishy-washy answers here)
  •  Use your ideal client to help guide every single piece of content you create so she’s obsessed with it
  •  Use the content creation system to plan out your entire content for the next 365 days and say hello to more freedom in that schedule
  •  Add CTAs (Call to Actions) to your content that get people signing up to your list, wanting to hire you, and actually PAY you for your awesomeness
By the time this course is over, you’ll have content that tells your story, captures your voice, attracts fabulous clients, and changes you + your client’s lives for good.
But that's not all... It's not only about writing amazing content, it's about the STRATEGY to make it all come together so you don't have to do the work! Help you define your VOICE so you can use it on any platform. 

No more staring at the computer screen or blank sheet of paper. No more wondering what to do next or if your content is good enough. No time wasted on struggling to pull all the content together in a way that makes you money, honey. 

Chaaaa Ching! $$$

This is the EXACT process I use in my business that allows me to work part time hours, spend hardly any time on social media and bring in big bucks (like over 6k in the first week I started it on IG)... it's ALL about the content, girlfriend.

 It’s time to cut the frustration and struggle out of your content creation and process, and instead create and implement sparkly content that will have your raving fans begging for more from you.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today:

-13 modules of how to work less and make more cash in your online biz
- 41 total videos! ($5,000 value!)
- Fillable or printable PDF's (whichever you prefer) ($600 value)
-Assignments to keep you on track ($200 value)
-Real examples and screenshots from Holly's business (PRICELESS)

- An 11 page PDF filled with the highlights and the "sparkly cliff notes" from the whole course ($400 value!)

An Exclusive Facebook Group ($2,000 value!)

TOTAL VALUE- $8,200!
By enrolling in this course, you agree to Hollydiederich.com Standard Terms and Conditions 
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