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365 days+ of  automated content, clients and CA$H.
Starting and growing an online business is hard. It seems like everyone out there is trying to do the same thing as you are, except it’s working for THEM.
It took me a while to realize this. Even though you/we hear it, it took some time for me to have it sink in and BELIEVE IT.
SCREW the people who make you feel bad because you need to "let it be easy" and "YOU'RE the one making it hard"... They aren’t disclosing the FULL story.

Everyone online who is “successful” seems so interesting, people just love them and it seems like they are SPECIAL.

You see all these pretty, expensive, photoshopped pictures of people waving money around like it’s oxygen and talking about how they made “$20k again this month”

Plus, to top it off, your content (posts, videos, etc) are barely getting any likes, comments or engagement. AND YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY.

And you’re left with trying to grab all the free trainings, watch all the Facebook Lives, catch every golden nugget on Instagram and then you look up and the day is over!


Where did the freaking day go? I got NOTHING DONE!

And you’re working crazzzzy hours. How much longer can this go on?

It’s time to pick up the kids, or peep your head out of your macbook to eat dinner with your neglected significant other… or your dog is pawing at you to be let out.

Girl, I get you.

This WAS ME in my first business. I felt like everyone around me was making money so easily, and here I was up until 3am every night crying in front of my computer screen.

I was trying to learn from all the “experts” who left me even more confused because my brain can’t handle two things:

Tech and math.

So… One day I realized If I didn’t change something and do it fast, I was going to end a burned out entrepreneur up going back to work for someone else again and being miserable.

That was the day my life changed.

I decided to dissolve my first business and take every hard and expensive lesson I learned and help others and dove head first into this online world as a coach.

And I decided to do things the total opposite of all the “experts”. I wanted to take shortcuts. I wanted things to be FUN and easy.
  • I want to work 3-4 days a week for a few hours only
  •  I want to travel freely
  •  I wanted to help THOUSANDS and MILLIONS of people
  •  I want my business and content automated so I don’t have to show up every day
  •  I wanted to only show up when I felt excited and inspired and not forced
  •  I wanted to make at least $10k a month and then grow to $100k and beyond.
  •  I wanted to be seen as a top coach, an expert, someone who was respected in the industry
  •  I wanted a big audience to share my knowledge with
  •  I wanted to have LOTS of fun
  •  I was going to pay off all my debt and have money in the bank
And almost two years later I am living a life I’m obsessed with a running a coaching business that brings in consistent $20k+ months.

And all my declarations came true.

But it wasn’t because I was doing things how everyone else was, it was because I created a signature system that I NEED to share with you, too.

*click the testimonial for more info.
*click the testimonial for more info.
*click the testimonial for more info.
Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today:
  • 13 modules of how to work less and make more cash in your online biz
  •  All my content secrets how to sell out your offers and stand out online as an expert
  •  41 total videos! ($5,000 value!)
  •  Fillable or printable PDF's (whichever you prefer) ($600 value)
  •  Assignments and homework to keep you on track and hold you accountable ($200 value)
  •  Real examples and screenshots from Holly's business (PRICELESS)
  •  BONUS:
  • - An 11 page PDF filled with the highlights and the "sparkly cliff notes" from the whole course ($400 value!)
  •  BONUS:
  • An Exclusive Facebook Group ($2,000 value!)
  • TOTAL VALUE- $8,200!
You Will Learn:
  • Identify your ideal client, in a deep and meaningful way (no guessing or wishy-washy answers here)
  •  Use your ideal client to help guide every single piece of content you create so she’s obsessed with it
  •  Use the content creation system to plan out your entire content for the next 365 days and say hello to more freedom in that schedule
  •  MASTER CTAs (Call to Actions) to your content that get people signing up to your list, wanting to hire you, and actually PAY you for your awesomeness

I’ve built a multiple six figure business in less than two years without the traditional “stuff”
I started my online entrepreneurial journey in 2015 after a soul sucking corporate high level career, and boyyyy did I learn a lot. Thousands of dollars and hours spent DIY-ing and STRUGGGLING. I learned all about this online world the hard way, lots of late nights, tears, and lack of sleep.

After spending every night staring at my computer screen (sometimes yelling at it or crying to it because I was completely stressed out and sleep deprived) I realized that burnout = falling out of love with your biz.

Whaaaaa? Did that REALLY just happen? Something I spent sooo much time, money and effort putting together? 

Ummm, yes girl. Total violin moment. So I re-grouped… let out an ugly cry (you know, the ones with mascara running down your face and lots of wine) and really sat down with myself and figured out what I wanted to do.
Here’s what I came up with:

Sooo, thanks to the power of Facebook Ads (hey, Gabby Bernstein) I discovered this beautiful online world and started my coaching adventure!

Magic happened shortly after… I made over $10k in my first 5 weeks of my coaching business.
And it was because I refused to do what EVERYONE ELSE WAS DOING. I refused to work 10-12 hour days.

I refused to spend my time on things I wasn’t good at. I refused to struggle with non money making stressful things like websites.

I took my message, voice, story and expertise and turned it into a multi six figure coaching brand. And I’m here to help you do the same.
Module 1- Mindset and Starting Out
I’m going to teach you how it all comes down to Mindset- How I started my coaching biz being a freight train and totally unstoppable and how to duplicate that confidence!
Module 2- Going Back to the Beginning
If the foundation of your biz isn’t right, aligned, and you’re not obsessed with what you’re doing, it’s not going to bring you $10k+ consistent months. I’m going to teach you how there’s more to just “what you’re good at” and how to fall madly deeply in love with your biz so that everyone else does.
Module 3- Working Smarter and Not Harder
Shortcuts, shortcuts, shortcuts. Want to know how I work 3.5 hours a day, about 3-4 days a week? I’m going to teach you exactly how I do it!
Module 4- Ideal Client
I’m sure you hear about Ideal Clients allll time time, but do you know the Sparklepreneur™ secrets on NAILING your ideal client so they chase you down to work with you or buy your products/services?
Module 5- Brand
There’s a few KEY elements that you need to know about branding, and ANYONE can duplicate this process. If you hate design, colors, and all the things, you can STILL have a killer recognizable brand that people know, like and trust!
Module 6- Voice
Even if you feel like you’re not different or special, I’m going to teach you that you ARE and show you how to showcase yourself… even if you think you’re boring. Once you nail how to write how you speak, how to pull out your personality in your business and be that unicorn that stands out- your bank account will thank you!  
Module 7- Making Clients Pull out their Visa’s, AMEX’s and Mastercards
When you master nurturing your community and having your peeps fall in love with you... and then you know how to speak and write to the community everyone is like, “OMG, that was written for me” or “OMG that video was about me” that’s exactly what I’m going to show you so your clients are whipping out their credit cards to pay you!
Module 8- Mapping out 365 days of Content
AUTOMATION!!! How to not be handcuffed to your business but always look like your online and always there… even if you’re laying on the beach drinking a pomegranate margarita! Cue the magician in your biz! 
Module 9- Captivating Headlines
You know, how to write those post headlines, email subject lines that get you crazy engagement, open rates and sales!
Module 10- How to Write Content that Sells
Even if you’re not the best writer, even if you hate writing- once you learn my content writing secrets, it will make it so easy to sell your stuff! If you have ever sat in front of the computer or phone not knowing what to say or write, I’m going to teach you how to never do that again!
Module 11- The Power of Story
If you can master storytelling and bringing it into your content and biz, your audience will relate to you, feel like that know you and of course buy from you!
Module 12- Sales
Sales can be fun, easy and profitable! Whether you’re selling a service or a product, if you learn my secrets you will rock your biz! Say goodbye to sleazy tactics, stressful calls or anxiety surrounding selling and HELLOOOO to CASH!
Module 13- Repurpose and Recycle Content- My Signature Shortcut Queen System
Once you write your content, you can use it forever! I’m going to teach you how to maximize your time and always have content ready in your business so you can step out of it more.
This course is for you if:
  •  You want to learn how I've created a multi-six figure biz in less than two years. How I work my schedule, my clients, how I'm working 3 days a week just a few hours a day or so.
  •  Want to master your content. You know, those people who write posts/blogs etc. and EVVERRRYYONE goes crazy. Yup, I'm going to teach you how to do that. I’ll even show you posts I’ve written that have gone viral.
  •  Desire to learn how to sell out your offers in an easy non sleazy way. Seriously, duhhh, I do that all the time and so do my clients.
  •  You crave automation! Your biz runs and you make A LOT of money when you're doing things like going on vacation, sleeping, working out and shopping! SO FUN.
  •  You know you need to do thing differently. Your sick of seeing the same things, and you want a different way where you can work SIMPLE and make $10k+ months!
    How It Works:
    This is an online course! As soon as you sign up you will get an email with the logins to access the membership site. You have access to ALL the content immediately including bonuses, whether you are paying in full or choose the payment plan.  

    As a #S365 student, you get unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this course.

    You can go through this course 1x or 100x. 


    Questions? Email: sparklepreneur@hollydiederich.com

    Sparklepreneur 365 course grads have: 
    •  Generated big money during the course and its contents- many students have created $100k+ businesses!
    •  Doubling, tripling, quadrupling their income $20k, $10k, and many more amounts JUST during this course: growth in their businesses, new streams of income, five figure days and earning in a month what they used to earn in a year.
    •  Freedom and ease in their life...Actually not having to look at the price when doing things like grocery shopping. No more saying no to things you want to do but can't "afford".
    •  Cut working hours down up to 90% and still growing their business and increasing sales!
      1. How is the course content delivered?

      As soon as you pay in full or enter the payment plan, you get FULL access to all the modules and you can start RIGHT NOW diving into your business and making money!

      2. Who is this course for?

      Anyone who wants to blow up their online business. They want to learn the shortcuts and the money making activities to build a successful business. This course is for people who want to go bigger in their online business: all coaches, healers, spiritual business owners, website/funnel peeps, bloggers, MLM businesses.

      3. What if I don't have an online business?

      That's okay! If you don't have an online business (let's say your a hair stylist) you will learn how to use social media to attract even local clients!

      If you don't have an online business and you want one- GRAB THIS COURSE NOW. It will change your life!

      4. Who is this course NOT for?

      If you're not serious about making money and doing the work, this is not for you. This is not an easy button, you have to do the work and the homework to gain momentum and success.

      5. Will I make money from this course?

      I have tons of students who have taken this course and made anywhere from $100- $10k in a month! I have some students who buy this course and never open it. Which one will you be?

      DISCLAIMER: hollydiederich.com or myself personally doesn’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

      6. What if I am just starting out, is this for me?

      YES. I'm a BIG believer in going back to the beginning and making sure the foundation of your biz is all good so you're ready to scale. Therefore, if you are just starting out your going to learn the shortcut way to starting an online biz. If you are already making money and want to go to $10k+ months, you will LOVE this too!

      7. I’m really short on time, is this course for me?

      YES. Since you get access to the WHOLE course immediately, you can take it at your own pace. The video modules are anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes so they are very bite sized and actionable. I also created a “Sparkly Cliff Notes” 11 page PDF of the WHOLE course for you to jump into if you like shortcuts like me!

      Questions: sparklepreneur@hollydiederich.com or hit me up in the chat box ;) 

      By enrolling in this course, you agree to Hollydiederich.com Standard Terms and Conditions 
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